EXCLUSIVE: Lady Gaga Comic Book Gets Two New Covers

Lady Gaga comic bookLast month, we gave you the first look at "Fame: Lady Gaga," the upcoming biography comic hitting shelves later this year from Bluewater Productions. Since the first cover created such a stir, we're back with an exclusive peek at two more covers planned for the issue.

Just in case you missed the news the first time around, the new line of "Fame" comics will present unauthorized biographies of celebrities from the music and movie world, kicking off with MTV's Woman of the Year, Lady Gaga. According to the publisher, the preview issue of "Fame: Lady Gaga" will be available in May for Free Comic Book Day, and future issues will focus on such notable pop-culture icons as 50 Cent, David Beckham and Taylor Swift.

Earlier this week, we gave you the first look at several covers from the "Fame" comic spotlighting "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson.

Check out the two new covers for "Fame: Lady Gaga" below:

Lady Gaga comic book

Lady Gaga comic book

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