Ben Affleck Says 'We Missed A Lot' With 'Daredevil,' Reflects On New Era Of Superhero Movies

By Sujay Kumar

Seven years after Ben Affleck donned red leather as the blind guardian angel Daredevil, the actor admits the character’s first theatrical adventure might not have hit the bullseye when compared to today's golden age of superhero films. Given Friday's announcement of a new "Daredevil" movie in the works, it seems like the perfect time to bring you Affleck's thoughts on how far superhero movies have come since his turn as the Marvel Comics character.

"Well, I think we missed a lot in that movie,” Affleck told MTV News during the recent Sundance Film Festival, “before they really kind of figured out how to do [superhero movies] right.”

Aside from an “Elektra” spin-off with Jennifer Garner, “Daredevil” failed to become a franchise. However, with a rich history in comic books and many story arcs to draw from, it's no surprise that blind lawyer Matt Murdock is sneaking back into theaters at some point in the future.

Back in March 2009, talk of a "Daredevil" reboot created some online buzz, with many speculating on the possibility of the rights moving from 20th Century Fox to Marvel Studios if Fox doesn't move forward with the property.

“Now they’ve become ‘A’ movies,” said Affleck, “And they’ve been embraced in a way that they weren’t totally. Audiences have really have come out. And they demand a level of quality from them, as well they should, that is no less than the very best.”

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