'Priest' Director Reveals His Vampires' Origins And Creator Min-Woo Hyung's Role In The Film

Priest"Twilight" actor Cam Gigandet went on record last year to dispute reports that he would be playing a vampire in director Scott Stewart's "Priest." Since then, we've seen what he and his co-star Paul Bettany look like in the film and heard actor Karl Urban's take on the "vampire Western" with fangs.

Stewart spoke with MTV News recently and shed even more light on the film, explaining how the "Priest" comics' creator Min-Woo Hyung helped shape the film adaptation, why the release date wobbled and why his vampires aren't traditional transformed humans.

"Our vampires are not human," Stewart told MTV News. "They’re not people."

Likewise, the humans they take control of do not become vampires. Rather, they become "familiars," which early reports mistook for straight-up vampires.

"They are vampire slaves," the director said. "So that’s what happens to a person when they are bitten by a vampire."

And though the film's story may not follow a precise timeline of events from the original work, Stewart praised the level of input they received from Min-Woo Hyung.

"People will see we've worked with Min-Woo because we love his book and he came out over this summer," he explained. "The TokyoPop gang brought him out from Korea and walked him through the art department, and we talked about the story a lot, and he talked about he wanted to continue his storyline and how essentially it could evolve [into] the storyline of the movie."

Readers will get to make that judgment for themselves when "Priest" hits theaters on August 27, a date which puts the film back on the summer calendar after it was temporarily slated for October.

"We finished the movie and the studio was really excited about it and they want it to be a summer movie," Stewart said. "Now we’re back in summer and really happy about it and working hard to make sure it all gets done before June."

Is "Priest" on your list of comics-based movies to look out for in 2010? Do you think the film will benefit from Min-Woo Hyung's involvement? Tell us what you think in the comments section or on Twitter!