'Iron Man 2' Gets AC/DC Album - Check Out The 'Shoot To Thrill' Music Video!

Iron Man 2Iron Man already has some powerful allies in War Machine and Nick Fury, but his latest compatriots bring a whole new meaning to "solid as a rock." Apparently, the Armored Avenger is teaming up with AC/DC.

Marvel Entertainment announced plans today to join forces with Columbia Records in featuring the music of AC/DC in "Iron Man 2," director Jon Favreau's upcoming sequel to Marvel Studios' 2008 film. Columbia Records will also release an album called "AC/DC: Iron Man 2" on Monday, April 19, containing 15 classic songs from the band selected from ten of their studio albums.

A new video for "Shoot To Thrill" also debuted online, integrating concert footage from a recent Buenos Aires show with scenes from "Iron Man 2."

The video doesn't reveal too much in the way of new footage save for some elaboration on Tony's suit-and-tie arrival in front of a large audience, which includes an array of Rockette-inspired dancers wearing Iron Man-like bikinis.

"Jon Favreau's vision and passion for AC/DC's music blend seamlessly into this incredible film," said Steve Barnett, co-chairman of Columbia Records. "The music really underscores the high energy and excitement of the film."

Pre-orders for the album begin today, January 26, at Walmart.com (for the "AC/DC: Iron Man 2" CD) and Amazon.com (for a deluxe version of "AC/DC: Iron Man 2" CD/ DVD Package and Vinyl).

"Music is an integral part of the Tony Stark and Iron Man experience, and we are pleased that Columbia and AC/DC are taking part in the franchise's phenomenon," said Tim Connors, Marvel Studios' Chief Operating Officer. "Through this relationship, the band is delivering fans supercharged Iron Man branded music through all our combined consumer touch points, from the movie to retail outlets and even virally with the debut of the new video."

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