'The Walking Dead' TV Script Reviewed, Reveals Initial Story Details

The Walking DeadGiven the recent news that AMC has ordered a pilot for "The Walking Dead" based on Robert Kirkman's critically acclaimed Image Comics series, it was only a matter of time before somebody started talking about the plot details.

A review of Frank Darabont's script for the pilot episode has premiered online at Corona Coming Attractions, offering a detailed glimpse into the show's opening moments.

While it's always possible that the review is bogus, the fact that Kirkman himself linked to the article on his Twitter feed indicates that there's at least some truth to the review.

Based on the review, it sounds as if the opening moments of "The Walking Dead" are completely in sync with Kirkman's first issue of the comic series. Both the comic and the pilot allegedly open with series lead Rick Grimes awakening alone in a hospital ala "28 Days Later," with the surrounding world decimated in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak.

From there, Grimes returns to his home to search for his wife Lori and his son Carl, but they are nowhere to be found. He comes into contact with a neighboring father and son duo — presumably Morgan Jones and his son Duane — who proceed to explain the rules of the new zombie-filled world to Rick: "if you're bitten, if a zombie so much as scratches you, you become infected, you die and then you become a zombie yourself."

The review's story analysis ends just as Rick is about to leave for Atlanta, where he's told his family could be hiding. But from the sound of things, Darabont's script is a note-perfect take on Kirkman's initial installment in the "Walking Dead" series.

"'The Walking Dead' could even do for horror what the new 'Battlestar Galactica' did for science fiction," reports the site. "Cross your fingers and hope that the show comes together as well as it did on the page."

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