Samuel L. Jackson's 'Thor' Role Is News To Him - 'Nobody's Told Me Anything!'

Earlier today we told you about Samuel L. Jackson's new comic book series, "Cold Space," but now we get back to the projects that are foremost on comics fans' minds: the Marvel movies in which he plays S.H.I.E.L.D. head honcho Nick Fury.

Since he's listed as part of the official cast of "Thor," Kenneth Branagh's upcoming take on Marvel's god of thunder, we had to ask how his character will fit into the film. Will Fury drop by to recruit Thor for the Avengers like he did in "Iron Man"?

We'd love to tell you Jackson gave us the full scoop, but apparently he didn't know he was even in the film until he read the news. However, he did have some opinions to offer on Fury's relationship to Thor and how much of the character we'll see in Marvel's future movies.

"Nobody's told me anything," Jackson laughed when asked about the "Thor" role. "I was reading the trades last week and I saw the cast list. My name was in it, so maybe I am doing something that I don't know about and I'll hear about it soon."

Jackson confessed that he's heard very little about the plan for his character ever since the Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment.

"I don't know what's going on," he said. "Since Disney's bought the franchise, I have no idea what Marvel told them or even if my deal with Marvel is still valid."

Even so, he said he's confident that Fury can fit into the world established by Branagh's "Thor."

"It all depends on where they find him," he said. "If they're dealing with that particular timeline... Hey, they're shooting it in Santa Fe, it's not like they're shooting it in Norway."

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