EXCLUSIVE: Martin Campbell Explains How Much Of 'Green Lantern' Will Occur In Space

Much of the current "Green Lantern" speculation focuses on whether Hector Hammond or Sinestro will be the first film's central villain, but there's another question fans are asking these days, too: how much of the movie is set in space?

Given the intergalactic setting of the "Green Lantern" mythology, it's a virtual certainty that the upcoming DC Comics adaptation will spend some time amongst the stars, but just how much otherworldly screen time we'll see remains up in the air.

While the "Edge of Darkness" director didn't have an exact percentage of the balance between space scenes and earthbound events, director Martin Campbell told MTV News that there would be plenty of action spent outside of Earth's orbit.

"I don't know what the percentage is, but there's quite a bit in space," said the director in an exclusive interview. "The initial trip up there, the training sessions he has to go through in order to become a Green Lantern. Then, of course at the end, he goes back up to Oa again."

That's not to say that "Green Lantern" won't spend significant time on Earth. If Hector Hammond is the film's central villain, there's bound to be a strong focus on the character's exploits on our planet. Further, Carol Ferris isn't likely to reach outer orbit — certainly not without the aid of Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan.

"There are a couple of bits [on Earth] in between [the space scenes]," said Campbell. "I think there will be enough [of a balance between space and Earth] to satisfy everybody."

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