Ryan Reynolds Knows Green Lantern Oath, Won't Recite It On 'National Internet'

In brightest day of Sundance's fog, does Ryan Reynolds know Green Lantern's song? That's the question that MTV News put to the "Green Lantern" star during the Sundance Film Festival this weekend — and sadly, the answer is sure to disappoint fans of the DC Comics franchise.

While Reynolds insisted that he knows the Green Lantern Oath by heart, the actor refused to recite it when requested by MTV's Josh Horowitz.

"I'm not doing the oath for you on national internet," Reynolds declared, staring directly into the camera's lens. "Of course I know the Oath — the Oath is very simple — but no, Josh, I'm absolutely not doing it."

If he knows the Oath, what's the problem? Did Reynolds suddenly have a brief case of stage fright? Was it a matter of the soon-to-be Hal Jordan coming down with vertigo? Perhaps it's simply a matter of contractual issues.

"It probably is, but I don't actually read the contracts," the actor joked. "I just show up where they tell me to."

Informed that his refusal would likely incite skepticism from the online fan community, Reynolds revealed that there are life-or-death stakes involved should he decide to recite the Oath.

"If I do that, some Warner Bros. snowstorm ninja is going to jump out of somewhere and stab me with my own sharpened bones," he said.

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