FIRST LOOK: 'The Goon' Creator Eric Powell's New 'Buzzard' Miniseries!

BuzzardEarlier this week, we brought you an exclusive interview with "The Goon" creator Eric Powell about his upcoming return to the series and his character's debut on the iPhone. Today, we have your first look at the project bringing Powell back to The Goon's comic book universe: a three-issue miniseries focusing on Buzzard, the former sheriff turned tragic, flesh-hungry hero.

According to Powell, the series picks up after Buzzard's climactic showdown with the evil Zombie Priest, and finds the cursed hero wandering into a village terrorized by bestial creatures.

"When I originally created Buzzard, he was intended to be a standalone character outside of 'The Goon,'" Powell told MTV News of the character's origins.

"But in the theme of keeping everything in 'The Goon' universe, I decided to throw him in there — and then the idea came to me. What is Buzzard? How did this happen to him?" he explained. "I had a different origin story for him, and then I thought, 'What if the Zombie Priest made him what he is?' And then it all just kind of clicked. I thought, 'This is perfect — I can throw this Old West character into this noir monster world."

The rest, as they say, is history — and a sad history at that. In the "Goon" mythos, Buzzard was originally the sheriff of a town where all the inhabitants were all turned into zombies except for their lawman. Upon confronting the Priest, a spell intended to turn the sheriff into a zombie actually had the opposite results: a near-immortal man who must consume the flesh of the dead.

"He’s always been one of my favorite characters from 'The Goon,'" said Powell. "And I think he’s one of the fans’ favorites as well. I’m constantly being asked if I’ll make a Buzzard series or spin-off, and I’m finally getting around to it."

Look for Powell’s all-new "Buzzard" series to hit shelves this fall. Until then, though, here's an exclusive image from the first issue of the "Buzzard" miniseries, courtesy of Eric Powell and Dark Horse Comics.


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