EXCLUSIVE: Edgar Wright Talks 'Scott Pilgrim' Screenings And The 'Spectacle' Of Action Sequences

Edgar WrightWe received our first official look at Edgar Wright's "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" earlier this month, and for many fans (us included), the shot of star Michael Cera wielding a flaming freakin' sword only made the wait until the August release that much more difficult. Fortunately, we managed to get Wright on the phone to share a few more details about his adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic book series when we named him one of MTV Movies' "10 For 2010" filmmakers.

From early screenings to the film's mysterious action sequences, Wright revealed where the film is at right now and some of what we can expect when "Scott Pilgrim" finally hits theaters.

"Yeah, we have a cut, and we're still tinkering with that," said Wright of the film's current status. "It’s a different thing doing a film with lots of effects in it; it’s like another stage to have production be going on during the edit, which is an on-going thing. It’s like a painting, basically."

"There will probably come a point where the film will be essentially finished, apart from the effects which will still be ongoing," he explained. "But [our release date] is in August…so, we’re not rushing the effects or anything.

As for all that online talk of early screenings for the cast and some of Wright's lucky pals, the filmmaker explained that it's all part of the process, with each screening — and each size of screening — contributing to the final product.

"I’m into little screenings for people," he said. "It’s easy to show a screening to those in the industry, because they understand what an unfinished film looks like. So, anyone who was swinging through town in London saw it, and then one night I was in Los Angeles and I showed it to some other people…[once] I think I watched it about seven times in one week. You learn as much from showing it to one person as you do [with] a test audience."

As for those mysterious action sequences, Wright was careful not to shed too much light on what fans will see when Scott Pilgrim throws down with Ramona flowers' evil ex-boyfriends. Given the reactions from everyone involved in the film and their vague-but-excited descriptions, there will be plenty of surprises when fights break out in "Scott Pilgrim."

"There’s a bit of everything, really," said Wright of the action sequences. "We try to represent the art of the books, and there’s also the element of graphics and animation, and there’s digital work too, but then at the same time there’s a lot of stuff that’s in-camera — so there really is a combination of all the three."

"There’s some green-screen stuff, but it’s not solely that," he added. "It’s really a combination of all the different techniques, and that’s what makes it fun…You’ll also be surprised when you see how much the actors are doing their own stunts and fights. It’s quite astonishing."

In fact, Wright said the biggest influence on the action in "Scott Pilgrim" might not come from classic action films at all.

"Some of the action sequences are like musicals; they are almost like dance numbers," he said. "There’s an element of spectacle to it, in terms of the fights are like dance numbers in a way, which is where Jackie Chan’s school of fighting comes from. Jackie Chan is most similar to Gene Kelly in terms of the way he approaches a sequence. The spectacle and theatricality to it."

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