SECRET IDENTITY: Who Should Play Kilowog In The 'Green Lantern' Movie?

Casting for the roles of Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, Hector Hammond and Sinestro is already finished on the "Green Lantern" front, but there's still no word on who will play Kilowog.

Director Martin Campbell already confirmed that Kilowog, the hulking pink alien Green Lantern Corps member, would have a role in the upcoming DC Comics adaptation. While he's not likely to have the same amount of screen time as the aforementioned main characters, Kilowog nonetheless needs an excellent actor behind that brutish mug.

As is the Secret Identity tradition, here are five actors that would do a tremendous job bringing Kilowog to life in "Green Lantern."

CLANCY BROWN: Already a DC Universe veteran in the voice acting department, Brown's got more than enough street cred to slip on a power ring as Kilowog in "Green Lantern." Applying his gravely voice to the character's presumably digitally enhanced body would result in an incredibly intimidating presence on the big screen.

BRUCE CAMPBELL: In a previous Secret Identity column, I listed Campbell as a solid choice for Kilowog in the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie. Sure, he's a touch on the older side and yes, he's perhaps too goofy. But if computerized effects can address the former issue and the rest of the cast's dramatic demeanor can curb the latter, there might be no one better for Kilowog than The Chinned One.

MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN: When it comes to the ideal pairing of an intimidating physique and voice, Duncan has everything you could ask for. The former Kingpin and "Sin City" star can exude an enormous threat level as easily as he can pull off the gentle giant persona, which is a necessary duality for whoever ends up playing Kilowog.

KEVIN DURAND: The "Lost" actor is known for his take-no-nonsense attitude and his muscular physique, both of which would be well-suited for a make-up and computerized Kilowog. Additionally, the fact that Durand isn't exactly a household name would help audiences focus more on the character than on the actor.

JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN: With an impressive comic book resume that already includes "Watchmen," "The Losers" and a rumored connection to "Lobo," what's the harm in adding "Green Lantern" to the mix? Besides, even with his extensive comics credits, Morgan's physique and attitude are a perfect match for the character. Who wouldn't want to see the former Comedian calling Hal Jordan a poozer?

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