EXCLUSIVE: 'Planet Hulk' Preview - Now With More Roaring, Smashing!

"Planet Hulk" hits shelves soon, bringing one of the Marvel character's most celebrated story arcs to life in an animated feature filled with all the roaring and smashing fans have come to expect from Bruce Banner's alter ego.

Back in October, we gave you a look at the amazing Alex Ross art created for the cover of the feature, and now we have the first, exclusive clip from "Planet Hulk," courtesy of Marvel Animated Features and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

"Planet Hulk" will be available February 2 as a Two-Disc Special Edition DVD, Special Edition Blu-Ray, Standard DVD, and Digital Download. You can get more info on "Planet Hulk" at www.planethulkdvd.com.

Expect a full "Planet Hulk" review here on Splash Page the week it hits shelves, and check out the official box art for "Planet Hulk" below:

Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk

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