Martha Kent And Perry White Return To 'Smallville'

Annette O’Toole And Michael McKeanWith ‘Smallville’ scheduled to return next week with the much anticipated “Absolute Justice” episodes by comic scribe Geoff Johns, two familiar faces have been confirmed to be coming back to the long running series: Martha Kent and Perry White.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean will reprise their roles as Martha Kent and Perry White in the second-to-last episode of the season. O’Toole left “Smallville” back in the sixth season when Martha Kent became a U.S. senator, while McKean previously appeared in a single episode during the third season.

“We’re thrilled to have Michael back on the show,” said “Smallville” executive producer Brian Peterson. “And to be able to link it with the anticipated return of Martha Kent is just a phenomenal way to gear up to the end of the season.”

Peterson also indicated that Perry White’s second appearance on the series may bring him closer to his fated role as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet newspaper. The episode will also reportedly feature the first meeting between White and Lois Lane.

An earlier report by Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello indicated that Martha Kent would have an “unexpected surprise” for her son, Clark during her return.

Because O’Toole and McKean are married, popular speculation thus far has centered on a possible marriage between Martha Kent and Perry White on the show. If true, this would be a dramatic departure from the established Superman mythos.

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