New 'Iron Man 2' Toys Reveal Tony Stark's Robot Enemies

Iron Man 2 toysFrom the moment fans caught wind that the War Machine suit would appear in "Iron Man 2," there's been a lot of anticipation for armored conflict — or better yet — an armored team-up between Tony Stark and James Rhodes. So even while the "Iron Man 2" trailer does show the heroes bonding in battle against shadowy antagonists, the exact nature of their battle was a mystery until this week's toy reveal.

According to Diamond Select Toys, Iron Man and War Machine will be facing down a variety of pilotless assault drones, possibly constructed by Tony Stark's corporate rival Justin Hammer. This would rule out any sort of Stark Tech training exercise and suggest the team is facing down a serious threat.

Although the drones are partially visible in the official "Iron Man 2" trailer, Diamond's new line of "Iron Man 2" Minimate toys give fans a first look at the machines up close.

The drones come in a number of mechanized flavors suited for different environments like air, sea and ground. No matter their specific task, each seems packed with enough firepower to rival War Machine.

The drones round out a full wave of IM2 Minimates including Whiplash and Pepper Potts. So far, however, no images of the Black Widow have surfaced and there's still the matter of another Iron Man-shaped mystery character currently blacked out from the line's press images.

Toy and action figure images have proven to be a reliable asset in early "Iron Man 2" character sightings, revealing Don Cheadle's full War Machine duds before official film stills surfaced on the Web.

Whether the next movie reveal will come from toys is unknown, but it's probably not a bad idea to keep an eye out for more plastic hints as "Iron Man 2's" May 7 release date marches on.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

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