'Tron Legacy' Director Offers 'Oblivion' Update

Joe KosinskiOne of the many announcements to hit the wire in the wake of last year's Comic-Con had "Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski attached to create both an illustrated novel and film based on "Oblivion," a science-fiction tale he's developing simultaneously in print and movie form through Radical Publishing and its filmmaking arm, Radical Pictures.

One of MTV Movies' "10 To Watch In 2010," Kosinski has his arms full these days with the sequel to Walt Disney's 1982 sci-fi classic "Tron," but he did manage to give us an update of sorts on the status of "Oblivion."

"'Oblivion' is steaming ahead," Kosinski told MTV News. "We're hoping to have a preview of the illustrated novel — it's not a comic book — by this year's Comic-Con. It's going to be a wide-format, hardcover novel with about 40 or 50 fully illustrated plates in it. We're hoping to also get the script written for the movie in the near future as well."

The sci-fi epic follows an exiled soldier on a desolate planet, charged with exterminating a primitive alien race. His understanding of the mission changes when he encounters another visitor to the world.

Even though he isn't handling writing chores on the project, Kosinski says he staying in close contact with writer Arvid Nelson ("Rex Mundi") and artist Andree Wallin.

"I've been working closely with those two on the book, and hopefully we'll get the film in development in the near future as well," he said.

While "Oblivion" does straddle the increasingly blended worlds of comic books and movies, Kosinski said you won't see him getting behind the camera for a traditional capes-and-tights superhero project any time soon.

"I was never really a comic book kid," he explained. "I'm not a traditional superhero fanboy."

Even so, he hinted that the topic has come up in the past, and he's had a chance or two to bring a superhero to the big screen.

"I may have had that meeting," he laughed, when asked if he's ever been approached for one of the well-known superhero properties.

"Tron Legacy" is scheduled for a December 2010 premiere.

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