'Powers' TV Series Gets New Writer

PowersAlmost a year ago, word broke that Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s “Powers” was in development at FX as a potential TV series. And while further updates on the project have been scarce, the project has recently picked up a new writer.

“We have a new writer who came in and who’s working with Brian Bendis,” said FX President John Landgraf during an interview with Premium Hollywood. “He’s a really, really good writer who got really excited about the project. He came in, and they pitched us a new take.”

Although Landgraf did not name the new writer attached to the project, he did discuss some of the thought process behind adapting the comic into a TV series.

“Part of what you’re trying to do with ‘Powers’… is that you have a great property, a really robust property, but it has to be adapted to become a weekly television series,” continued Landgraf. “So you’re asking yourself the question, ‘What stays and what goes?’ For example, the Retro Girl murder story: should that whole story be told in the pilot, or do we introduce it and tell it later? But the new writer and Brian have got a good take on it. They came in about two months ago and pitched what they were doing, and it was great.”

Back in October, Bendis revealed that “West Wing” veteran Kevin Falls and Michael Dinner had come onboard the “Powers” pilot as showrunner and director, respectively. He also offered up some thoughts on how the series will match up with its comics source material.

Do you think “Powers” will be coming to TV this year or next year? Which “Powers” storyline do you want to see adapted first? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below or on Twitter!