Marc Webb To Direct 'Spider-Man' In Three-Movie Deal?

Spider-ManUPDATE: Marc Webb has been confirmed as "Spider-Man" director.

Is "500 Days Of Summer" director Marc Webb the new man behind the camera for the "Spider-Man" movie franchise? A new report seems to indicate that the webslinger has indeed found a replacement for now-departed Sam Raimi.

According to, Webb will soon be announced as the new "Spider-Man" director, and he'll be charged with bringing your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler to the big screen in not one but three movies.

The site goes on to claim that the decision to focus more on a teenage Peter Parker's inner conflicts was one of two major factors that earned the "500 Days" filmmaker the job. The other factor? Webb's price tag.

"The deal just now being sewn up calls for Webb to be paid roughly $10 million for the first film, with substantial bonuses built in if the picture reaches certain box-office milestones," reports the site. "This is a big savings from how his predecessor Sam Raimi was compensated. Unlike the now-departed Raimi, Webb won’t be getting paid a percentage of the films' grosses."

The "500 Days" director was rumored to be Sony's favorite for the job alongside prominent filmmakers such as James Cameron ("Avatar"), David Fincher ("Se7en"), and Wes Anderson ("Fantastic Mr. Fox"). However, Cameron denied any interest in the "Spider-Man" job during an exclusive interview with MTV News.

Webb recently addressed the "Spider-Man" movie buzz with MTV News, indicating that he's a fan of the "Ultimate Spider-Man" comic book series — and providing a potential peek at his vision for the franchise.

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