'Red' Begins Shooting In Toronto

RedIn keeping with its October 22 release date, the cinematic adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hammer's spy-thriller graphic novel "Red" seems to be rolling right along.

According to a production release from Summit Entertainment, principal photography is currently underway in Toronto, with director of photography Florian Boneventura at the helm.

It's too early to say when stars Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman and the recently-cast John Malkovich trek up to Toronto to begin filming, but now that the Robert Schwentke directed project is underway, fans are probably already wondering if they'll be able to catch a glimpse of the movie at this summer's Comic-Con International.

The film's story, which follows a retired black-ops agent forced to assemble a team of former allies to counter attempts on his life by a hi-tech assassin, has been characterized by Schwentke as a funny take on the more serious source material. Other changes will include an increased number of characters and additional story content given the comics' relatively tight cast and concise tale compared to a full-length motion picture.

Ellis has discussed many of the film's departures from his initial comic on his Web site and in his official mailing list without any ire, meaning a shift in tone may be an alteration readers can appreciate.

“I’m so excited at the phenomenal cast that Robert and our script have attracted,” said Boneventura in the official production release. “I think audiences are going to have a great time.”

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