Reader Poll Results: 'No Spider-Man Without Sam Raimi And Tobey Maguire!'

Spider-ManLast week, we devoted our weekly reader poll to asking your opinion of the latest news to rock the comic book movie world: the conspicuous absence of a "ROM: Spaceknight" movie in Marvel's 2010 film slate.

Okay, so that wasn't what we asked... but come on, was there ever any question about last week's poll topic? The news that Sony was dropping plans for "Spider-Man 4" and rebooting the entire "Spider-Man" movie franchise in 2012 was the biggest story of the year, and continues to develop as the search for a new "Spider-Man" director and actor to play Peter Parker continues.

We asked what you thought of the "Spider-Man" movie news, and you responded — in a big way.

Here's how the poll results panned out:

What do you think about the big "Spider-Man" movie news?

50% — Without Raimi and/or Maguire, there is no "Spider-Man" franchise!

32% — This is great news! Bring on the new "Spider-Man" franchise!

18% — They should've made "Spider-Man 4" with a new director and star, not reboot the franchise!

So, with half the votes cast in the poll, Splash Page readers came out against the studio's decision to scrap the "Spider-Man" franchise and start over with a new cast and director. However, the dissenting opinion had a decent level of support, too. Indeed, the news was something to celebrate for more than a third of readers.

Here's what some Splash Page readers had to say about their votes in the comment section and on Twitter:

adamant877: Good riddance Raimi, McGuire, and Dunst... Don't let the door hit ya where the Goblin Glider split ya! ;-)

jeffhart: A reboot has the opportunity to set in place the love triangle between Peter, Gwen, and Mary Jane. Gwen was always Peter's first love and she died at the hands of the Green Goblin (or Spiderman depending how you look at it.) Once this story is in place, the stories for films can go on forever much like the comic books!

@greglmercer: J.K. Simmons IS J. Jonah Jameson. Always will be. But a reboot will, hopefully, give more respect to Gwen Stacey. Hopefully.

EW: If they're going to take Peter Parker back to high school, they better study the "Ultimate Spider-man" comics and the "Spectacular Spider-man" cartoon. Lots of great material there.

David: They really screwed themselves over here. While the Spiderman franchise took a serious dive at installment 3, especially Venom, there are ways to reboot something without going back to square one. While a new vision, and to a lesser extent new actors, could help the movies, we've already SEEN the origin story! And it was GOOD. If the first movie had come out twenty years ago, and was kind of mediocre in the first place, this would be a good move. But it came out less than ten years ago, and was a critical and financial success. People do not want to see another damn reboot and retelling of something that is still relitively fresh in their minds. We do not need to see another installment that has the same villians, same characters, and same damn line said twenty million times. "With great power comes great overkill." I am not sad about seeing the last of Kirsten Dunst. I am very, very sad about seeing the last of J.K. Simmons.

theboogieman631: I'm torn. I love Raimi's style and will miss him. Thought the first 2 movies were great but a reboot allows them to do the Peter/Gwen/MJ love triangle & keep Peter in high school. I just hope the new franchise does as good a job at casting villains, with the exception of Venom. And hey if the Incredible Hulk can have a successful reboot then why not Spider-Man.

BFisch: Had to be done in the end. It seemed like in the third film, they were just scrambling together pieces of the puzzle, attempting to shove them all in the correct place as fast as possible. I think they could easily set up the Green Goblin as the second film's villain. They could add more interaction between Harry and Norman, and dig a bit deeper into that. The important thing to do is introduce a villain we have yet to see for the first film in the new Spider-Man franchise...villains that come to mind are Shocker, Scorpion, or Electro

@mayorkl: why why why do they think they need to "reboot"? No one wants to see high school Spidey. Literally. No. One.

Toast-Jammer: Totally glad to see the old crew taking a walk. Can't wait to see a new cast with a new director, and a fresh take on the whole series. I hope they use more of Bendis' start of "Ultimate Spider-man", except for the lame Green Goblin.

Kenny: I really hope they don't use anything from "Ultimate Spiderman" just to appeal to a younger audience. Everybody knows Spiderman, they don't need to try and rope in a new audience. Stick to the original "Amazing Spiderman" which had the best storylines. They also shouldn't take anything from the cartoons, as those were written specifically for kids. I think they should make it a darker take on "The Amazing Spiderman" comics from the 60's.

And there we have it, folks — Splash Page readers have made their opinion known. Keep it locked to Splash Page for more "Spider-Man" movie news as it develops!

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