Sinestro Might Go Bad After 'Green Lantern' Movie... Carol Ferris, Too?

SinestroIn a recent exclusive interview, director Martin Campbell revealed to MTV News that Mark Strong is in talks to play Sinestro in "Green Lantern," effectively ending rumors of Jackie Earle Haley's involvement in the superhero film. Still, Sinestro's participation in the movie's events doesn't necessarily mean that the character will appear as a villain.

Campbell spoke with Superhero Hype about Sinestro's role in "Green Lantern," stating that while the character is likely to show his villainous colors at some point, the revelation might wait for an eventual sequel.

"I think it will stick closely to the origin story, but we all know Sinestro, for an example, is a character who goes over to the dark side, and of course, Carol, played by Blake Lively, in later versions becomes a bad guy as well," explained Campbell. "I think people will be able to see forward to the characters that in the comic went on to [become bad guys] ... but people will be ahead of us on all that I think."

Campbell's latest comments seemingly support theories that the film's main villain will be Hector Hammond, the wealthy telepath played by Peter Sarsgaard.

Aside from the question of Sinestro's moral alignment, Campbell also recently discussed the use of cameos in "Green Lantern." Specifically, he shot down the idea of Superman having a role to play in the film.

"No, that won't happen," Campbell said when asked if Clark Kent would appear in the movie. "None of the other DC characters will appear in the film."

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