Kenneth Branagh Offers 'Thor' Update: One Week Into Filming And 'So Far, So Good'

With all this talk about the "Spider-Man" reboot and "Green Lantern" casting, it's easy to forget that another big comic book movie, Kenneth Branagh's "Thor," just kicked off production.

We caught up with Branagh at the Golden Globe Awards red carpet to get an update on how the live-action adventures of Marvel's god of thunder are going thus far.

"We just started last week and so far, so good," Branagh told MTV News.

"We have many miles to go and promises to keep, but so far, so good," he added.

With the lead role going to little-known actor Chris Hemsworth, fans are understandably curious about how the son of Odin will look when we finally get our first glimpse of the title character in costume. Branagh was quick to heap praise on the unknown commodity he has in Hemsworth, as well as the rest of the cast and crew.

"Everybody's doing very good work and just a lot of it is so promising," he said. "Fingers crossed for everybody and everything. [Hemsworth] is a great guy."

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