Chi McBride Gets Serious About Playing 'The BMF' On 'Human Target'

The new "Human Target" television series premieres this weekend, and though it won't be an exact match for its comic book source material, its stars have promised there will be plenty for fans of the comic to like about the adventures of Christopher Chance.

One of the new additions to the series is Winston, one of Chance's partners, played by "Pushing Daisies" actor Chi McBride. When asked about his character's role in the team, McBride offered up an interesting explanation of where Winston fits in the "Human Target" cast.

"Winston was not in the actual graphic novel," explained McBride. "[He's] partners with Christopher Chance and also with Guerrero, who's played by Jackie Earle Haley. ... We protect people who have basically been marked for death by giving them a cover in order to keep them from being killed."

"I'm the BMF," he told MTV News. "You can't say what that stands for on television — there could be children watching."

As for his history with comics, McBride said his tastes have generally run to the Marvel side of the biz, and name-dropped a few of his favorite creators.

"I like Frank Miller's stuff a lot," he said. "When I was coming up, I was really into Marvel, because I was really into the drawings of Jack Kirby. He's my favorite artist, as far as comics are concerned."

"Human Target" premieres Sunday, January 17, on FOX.

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