Daniel Craig In Talks To Replace Robert Downey Jr. In 'Cowboys & Aliens'

DESCNot even two full days have elapsed since Robert Downey Jr. officially departed "Cowboys & Aliens," but the "Iron Man 2" actor might already have a replacement in the form of James Bond.

According to Variety, Daniel Craig is currently in negotiations with DreamWorks and director Jon Favreau to fill Downey's stirruped boots in "Cowboys & Aliens," the upcoming film based on the Platinum Studios graphic novel series.

Craig would play protagonist Zeke Johnson, a Western hero that must unite a group of Apache Indians and his fellow gunslingers alike against the common threat of alien invasion.

While Craig's involvement is still not fully confirmed, it appears that Downey's departure is. The actor had an on-again off-again relationship with "Cowboys & Aliens," having once told MTV News that his participation in the project was far from a certainty. If Downey had found time to film the movie, it would have marked his third collaboration with Favreau.

While I'm certainly a big fan of Downey's, I'm very excited to see Craig take over the role. Sure, he's James Bond — he's already got high concept action to his name — but sci-fi action is a genre that's mostly unfamiliar territory for the actor, who's already kicked plenty of butt outside of Bond as seen in "Munich" and "The Road to Perdition."

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the casting negotiations turn into a locked-and-loaded deal, as there are few actors in Hollywood that I'd trust more in a gunfight against a pack of aliens than Daniel Craig.

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