'Human Target' Star Explains Differences Between Comic Book And TV Series

The "Human Target" television series premieres this weekend with stars Mark Valley ("Fringe"), Jackie Earle Haley ("Watchmen") and Chi McBride ("Pushing Daisies"), and while the project is based on a DC Comics title of the same name, fans are likely to notice a few big differences between the TV series and its source material.

For example, main character Christopher Chance no longer assumes the identity of clients who are targeted for assassination, and instead creates a new identity that will put him close enough to protect them and reveal the killer. Valley explained why the change was necessary.

"To be honest with you, when I was reading the comics, I would get a little bit confused," he confessed. "It's a graphic novel and usually it's pretty explanatory, but I was getting a little confused [about] which one is Chance and which one is the real person."

"They had to go to great lengths even in the comic book to make this exposition and explain [if] this is the real Chance or not," he added. "Even going as far as doing that on television — they tried doing that with the Rick Springfield show — and I think it's something that would be really hard to maintain. It would be hard to show it and hard to explain it."

"This way, it really keeps the spirit of the character, in that he does create a character — he creates someone who comes between [the killer] and the target," he explained.

As for whether we'll see a new "Human Target" comic with a Christopher Chance modeled after Valley, the actor said he's not only open to the idea — he'd love to see himself immortalized in a comic.

"Could you imagine that? A comic with your own likeness?" he gushed. "That's when I know I've made it!"

"Human Target" premieres Sunday, January 17, on FOX.

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