Leno Vs. Conan, Thor's Hammer, And Stan Lee On 'The Big Bang Theory' In Today's Twitter Report

Leno & ConanLeno and Conan have officially set off a firestorm in the Twitterverse, and in an effort to keep today's Twitter Report varied, I've limited its appearance to three retweets from Jonathan Hickman, Matt Fraction and Chris Ryall, who I think represent the public response quite well. I'm still searching for pro-Leno tweets, though, so let me know if you find them.

Meanwhile in Hollywood, Jon Favreau is still acting as a mole from the "Thor" set. I think he figures if he tweets enough, people will start to think he's directing the movie and Kenneth Branagh will give in and join Twitter himself. Last night, he revealed that he's seen Thor's hammer. Check out that post along with original Dazzler artwork from Jill Thompson, Neil Gaiman eating breakfast and Stan Lee on his guest appearance in "The Big Bang Theory."

It's all in the Twitter Report for January 13, 2010.

Conan pt. 1: @JHickman I've extrapolated out the numbers, and there are now more people outraged over Conan getting canned than actually watched the show.

-Jonathan Hickman, Writer ("Fantastic Four," "The Nightly News")

Conan pt. 2: @mattfraction also i'm not the only one kind of hoping this means we get the masturbating bear back, right? because, f--- it, coco. #TeamConan #Imwithcoco

-Matt Fraction, Writer ("Casanova," "Invincible Iron Man")

Conan pt. 3: @chris_ryall Jay Leno has managed to make me care about late night talk shows again. Just not his.

-Chris Ryall, Publisher ("IDW")

"Thor" pt. 1: @Jon_Favreau Visited the Thor set. I would look cool in one of those costumes.

-Jon Favreau, Director ("Iron Man," "Iron Man 2")

"Thor" pt. 2: @Jon_Favreau I certainly did. RT @RyanPom: @Jon_Favreau Did you see Thor's Hammer?

@neilhimself http://twitpic.com/xxg9j me at breakfast. Photo by herself.

-Neil Gaiman, Writer ("The Sandman," "Miracleman")

@thejillthompson http://twitpic.com/xwdov - vintage Dazzler for @facdaniels...

-Jill Thompson, Artist ("Beasts of Burden," "Sandman")

@smilinstanlee And wait'll you see me in "The Big Bang" in February! Haven't shot it yet. Still arguing about whether my name should go above the title!

-Stan Lee, Writer ("The Amazing Spider-Man," "The Fantastic Four")

@Todd_McFarlane http://twitpic.com/xv1je - ARTWORK: Here's a sneek peek at the cover for Spawn issue 202. Who doesn't like a dark, moody clown leering at th

-Todd McFarlane, Writer/Artist ("Spawn," "The Amazing Spider-Man")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@ErikJLarsen In any superhero movie I want to see that hero use that hero's specifc abilities. Pointless to have Electro slugging it out with Spider-Man

-Erik Larsen, Writer/Artist ("The Amazing Spider-Man," "Savage Dragon")

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