The Burning Questions Spider-Man Fans Want Answered... Soon!

Spider-Man"Spider-Man 4" is dead. Long live the new "Spider-Man" movie franchise!

Okay, so maybe popular sentiment isn't quite that positive regarding the recent news that Sony will reboot the "Spider-Man" franchise in 2012 with a new movie, director and star. But why should it be?

While reports from the "Spider-Man 4" front have included no small amount of obstacles to production, yesterday's announcement still came as a surprise to most fans. And now many of the Spider-Man faithful are left wondering what's in store for Peter Parker and his surrounding cast — and more importantly, whether his big-screen future is in good hands.

With that in mind, here are the five burning questions the studio should answer soon (either directly or by way of "Spider-Man" movie news) if they're hoping to keep fans excited about the wall-crawler's future in theaters.

Without Sam Raimi, Does Sony "Get" Spider-Man?

Much has been made of the faults of "Spider-Man 3," but various reports indicate that the films followed the path of most blockbuster franchises with regard to the balance of control between director and studio. In fact, Raimi's made no secret of his belief that many of the third film's flaws resulted from his diminishing lack of creative control with each successive film. Now, with Raimi out of the picture and the studio in full control of the franchise, fans will likely found out soon whether Raimi really was the last, best defense against another "Spider-Man" movie with dance numbers and an overloaded roster of villains.

When You Imagine Peter Parker, What Do You See?

One of the biggest questions on fans' minds right now is who will play Peter Parker when the next "Spider-Man" hits theaters. The studio has indicated that the new franchise will kick off with a teenage Parker battling the dual threat of high-school troubles and superhuman danger, leaving much of the character's fanbase wondering if the last film's dance number was an early indicator of what the studio would like to see from Peter Parker. The studio's choice of actor could go a long way toward calming those fears — or widen the divide between franchise and fan even further.

Are We Any Closer To Spider-Man Teaming Up With Iron Man?

While such a team-up is unlikely given the separation of Sony and Marvel Studios' character rights, a reboot of the franchise does seem like an ideal opportunity to revisit the notion of crossovers. Previously, the combination of Spider-Man's established movie continuity and Marvel's intense planning for a sync'ed up "Avengers" movie made such a crossover impossible. However, the last few years of Marvel movies have proven how easy it is to cross-pollinate characters across projects of different size, tone, cast and crew. Want to earn some instant goodwill from comics fans? Have Tony Stark speak at Peter Parker's school. You get that one free, Sony — the next one's going to cost you.

What About The Spin-Offs?

One of the main concerns fans had about a potential "Venom" solo film was the character's less-than-stellar debut in "Spider-Man 3." Now that the franchise that spawned the sinister symbiote has been junked, does that make a "Venom" movie more or less likely to happen?

What other Spider-Man movie questions are bothering you now? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!

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