'Thor' Roundup: New Casting, Screenwriter Discusses 'Adjustments' To Comic History

ThorWith principle photography on director Kenneth Branagh’s much anticipated “Thor” adaptation finally starting this week, Ashley Miller — one of the screenwriters attached to the project — has stated that the movie version of “Thor” will remain recognizable to comic book fans.

"It's about as close as you can reasonably expect it to be [to the comic book],” Miller said during a recent appearance on Alpha Waves Radio. "Obviously, you have to make some adjustments, and you have to compress some things simply for the sake of being able to get a lot of information out and being able to create a believable fantasy world that intersects with ours."

"Look at 'Batman Begins' for example," continued Miller. "It does actually play fast and loose with the history of the character, but at the same time, it brings in real cool elements from different interpretations of the character and puts them all together in cool ways."

"I want people who love the character as much as I do to love this character in this movie,” added Miller. “And I want people who have never been exposed to this character to love him, too, and understand why I love him. And that's all that matters."

In other “Thor” related news, actor and stuntman David Mattey released a statement on his website indicating that he has joined the cast.

“Been super busy lately with rehearsals for Marvel Studios' upcoming Thor movie,” wrote Mattey. “I'm not at liberty to say what I'm doing on it (it's all classified), but we've been rehearsing since mid-October so far.”

The release date for “Thor” was recently pushed up to May 6, 2011 in light of the unexpected delay and later cancellation of “Spider-Man 4.”

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