John Malkovich Confirms Vulture Role In 'Spider-Man 4'?

DESCWhat started out as a bizarre casting rumor might actually turn out to hold some weight, as "Jonah Hex" actor John Malkovich has apparently confessed to his pending casting as The Vulture in "Spider-Man 4."

Malkovich apparently owned up to his involvement in the fourth "Spider-Man" film during an appearance on Italian sports show "Quelli Che il Calcio," which was witnessed by a reader at Bad Taste.

According to an English translation of the report, Malkovich not only didn't deny his involvement when directly asked about "Spider-Man 4," he even said that he's currently awaiting a final script and hopes to begin shooting soon.

Back in December, a widely circulated rumor on Movieline suggested that Malkovich would join the cast of "Spider-Man 4" as the Vulture. The oft-rumored Anne Hathaway was allegedly the top pick for Felicia Hardy, but rather than turning into the Black Cat, she'd evolve into a new character called The Vulturess.

Tobey Maguire pleaded the fifth when we asked him about the report, but if Malkovich's latest comments are to be believed, it's sounds likely that the Oscar-nominated actor will go wing-to-web against Peter Parker in the developing sequel — assuming, of course, the film's alleged script issues can be resolved.

Until official word is given, it's best to take the Malkovich news with a grain of salt. Even if the casting pans out, we can only hope that the bit about The Vulturess is a joke, as it's likely the only plot development that could make "Spider-Man" fans long for the days of gratuitous dance sequences.

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