Jon Favreau On 'Thor,' Elvis Presley's Birthday, And Jim Lee's Nightwing In Today's Twitter Report

ThorJon Favreau made it out of the "Iron Man 2" editing room long enough to see what Marvel has cooking for "Thor." The director got a look at some sets being built for the new film, and he liked what he saw.

Most comic fans will like what they see whenever Jim Lee gets share-happy on his TwitPic account. Retweeting everything would have taken up a whole day's worth of Twitter Report, but if you click over to his Nightwing art you can easily find the rest. Gail Simone, by contrast, was unhappy with what she saw when she took a look at male-to-female ratio among superhero creators in comics right now. Check out her post along with birthday shout-outs to Elvis and David Bowie and a blame discussion about the 1990 "Captain America" film.

It's in the Twitter Report for January 8, 2009.

@Jon_Favreau A walked through some of the Thor sets that are being built. They're pretty amazing.

-Jon Favreau, Director ("Iron Man," "Iron Man 2")

@chrisstaros Happy 75th B-Day, Elvis! May this bring good luck to all this year (E's "Rising Sun" horseshoe frm/'70s).

-Chris Staros, Publisher (Top Shelf)

@GailSimone Last year it seemed like there were a bunch of up-and-coming female superhero writers. What happened? Where'd they go, dammit?

-Gail Simone, Writer ("Birds of Prey," "Wonder Woman")

@jimlee00 - Last one of the evening; sketch from 7 yrs ago...calling it early tonite. Goodbye and Gnite

-Jim Lee, Artist ("Batman," "X-Men")

Captain America pt. 1: @gabrielhardman I've always wondered if JD Salanger ever saw the Golan-Globus Captain America movie.

-Gabriel Hardman, Artist ("Agents of Atlas," "The Black Cat")

Captain America pt. 2: @jeffparker On JD Salinger, @gabrielhardman reminds me-Maybe very notable people shouldn't have kids. "Welcome to my shadow, it will always be with you"

-Jeff Parker, Writer ("Agents of Atlas," "Underground")

@Templesmith Just saw Sherlock Holmes & loved it. I think I'm a sucker for the Guy Ritchie style BUT pay money to see a movie with props, not in 3D.

-Ben Templesmith, Writer/Artist ("30 Days of Night," "Welcome to Hoxford")

@robertliefeld Tori Scott is my sister-in-law, yes @ngnate She's my wife's identical triplet sister. Saved by the Bell lives forever at the Liefeld's

-Rob Liefeld, Writer/Artist ("X-Force," "Onslaught Reborn")

Parting Wisdom for the Day:

@HackinTimSeeley Today is the birthday of both Elvis and David Bowie. If today is also your b-day, you have no excuse for not being a musical genius.

-Tim Seeley, Writer/Artist ("Hack/Slash," "WildCats")

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