'Green Lantern' Begins Shooting In March

DESCIn brightest day, through blackest night, "Green Lantern" officially has the green light.

The DC Comics adaptation, which stars Ryan Reynolds as pilot-turned-superhero Hal Jordan, has received the official go ahead from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, according to the blog of visual effects supervisor Karen Goulekas.

"'Green Lantern' got the official green light today," she reported yesterday. "And not a second too soon — only 10 weeks out from shooting!"

Given the swirl of rumors and reports around the topic of "Green Lantern" — from the hiring of Martin Campbell as the film's director to the eventual casting of Reynolds, who already has a comic book franchise of his own in the form of "Deadpool" — it's hardly surprising that the movie has received the official green light from the powers that be. Still, with delays bogging down other high-profile superhero projects, one can never be too careful about counting their comic book chickens before they hatch.

But if Goulekas' report is to be believed, "Green Lantern" will take flight in ten weeks. The March start date gels pretty well with an estimate Reynolds himself made in October, suggesting that shooting would begin four or five months from then. Filming on "Green Lantern" will allegedly take place in New Orleans following the production's collapse in Australia.

With shooting just over two months away, attention now turns towards casting. A list of supposed front-runners for Carol Ferris circulated last month, and we've already made our suggestions for Sinestro known, but it remains to be seen if any of these predictions will come to fruition. For now, all we can do is wait patiently — assuming that everything stays on schedule, the answers will come sooner rather than later.

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