'Thor' To Open Same Weekend As 'Spider-Man 4'?

ThorThe loyalties between the superheroes of the Marvel Universe are apparently quite flexible, as Marvel Studios' "Thor" has officially moved in on "Spider-Man 4."

According to Variety, the Norse God of Thunder's big screen debut — originally set for May 20, 2011 — has been pushed two weeks earlier to May 6, 2011. The new date is the same as the original release date for Sony Pictures' "Spider-Man 4," the Sam Raimi-directed flick currently suffering through some delays that could put its release date in jeopardy.

With it now uncertain that Peter Parker's next adventure won't hit theaters on time as originally planned — though Sony has yet to officially move the release date — it seems that the powers behind "Thor" saw an opportunity for an early summer start.

Despite appearing like an act of internal rivalry, the report states that Paramount simply did not want to wait on an official release date change on "Spider-Man 4" in case other studios made the move first. This way, a Marvel movie still hangs onto the summer's opening weekend.

The report also notes that should "Spider-Man 4" not change its release date as is widely expected, "it's likely that 'Thor' would move."

Still, with Kenneth Branagh's take on the hammer-wielding hero rumored to begin shooting as early as Friday, it's a much likelier bet that "Thor" will arrive in theaters before "Spider-Man 4." Until Raimi and Sony can solve their current script problems, this is probably the best available solution for superhero fans everywhere.

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