Brian Bendis Explains Why 'Avengers' Movie Fans Should Check Out 'Siege'

"Siege," Marvel Comics' next big event series, kicks off today with an explosive first issue. Last month, we showed you some of the art from the personalized "Siege" #1 that arrived at Splash Page HQ, but now you can check out the issue for yourself.

According to "Siege" writer Brian Bendis, the event should be of interest to more than just the regular Marvel faithful — anyone looking forward to the 2012 "Avengers" movie might want to pick it up, too.

"For those hungry for the 'Avengers' movie — see what I'm doing here — this 'Siege' event will really whet your appetite," laughed Bendis.

One of the current architects of the Marvel Universe, Bendis ran through the long list of "event" stories that have shook the publisher's status quo over the last decade, and promised that they were all leading up to this one.

"After all we've done to these heroes and all they've done to each other, what threat can be so big that it could possibly bring Captain America, Iron Man and Thor — the original Avengers — to fight alongside each other after everything's that happened?" he asked. "'Siege' is it."

"What's exciting is that these characters have not been playing together since well before I took over the Avengers," said Bendis. "This is something you really haven't seen in a long, long time — and for some readers, they've never seen it. Some of the younger readers are still waiting to see what that feels like."

Of course, no eventin the comics world would be complete without the promise of a brand new status quo when all the dust settles — a fact that the veteran creator didn't ignore.

"And I promise the Avengers and the Marvel universe will change dramatically... and never be the same again," he laughed. "Sorry, I had to say it. I'm contractually obligated to say that."

"Siege" #1 is on shelves now, featuring a story by Brian Bendis and art by Olivier Coipel and Mark Morales.

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