First 'Gantz' Trailer Reveals Spooky Black Sphere And Suited Stars

GantzBack in October word got out that Hiroya Oku's hyper-violent ongoing sci-fi manga "Gantz" would be entering the realm of live-action features with a two-film franchise directed by Shinsuke Sato and written by Yusuke Watanabe. Now, a 15-second teaser has hit the Web, giving fans a brief look at what the future might hold for the film series.

"Gantz" follows a cynical Tokyo college student after his apparent subway tunnel death and subsequent reanimation at the hands of a mysterious black sphere. He and others like him are gathered in an anonymous room in the city, provided with weapons and loosed on bizarre alien-kiling missions. Very few are successful.

While the teaser posted on YouTube doesn't reveal much about the film, there's a quick shot of stars Kazunari Ninomiya ("Letters From Iwo Jima") and Ken'ichi Matsumaya ("Death Note") in their black combat suits, which appear to be pretty faithful to the source material.

There's also more conversation than alien-hunting going on, and no sign of the series' trademark weaponry aside from the superpower-enabling suits — but it's worth noting that this very well could be the first time the actors have appeared in costume to date.

Dark Horse Comics' manga import, along with ADV's anime series collections have familiarized many American fans with the story, which originally wrapped in 2004 in its native Japan. The manga is currently nearing its 30th volume.

The series of films are rumored for Spring and Winter 2011 releases in Japan. At this time there's no word on official English or other language localizations.

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