'Spider-Man 4' Sources Confirm Release Date Uncertain, Script Still In Progress

Spider-Man 4Last month, a report hit the 'Net that "Spider-Man 4" production had been put on "indefinite hold" due to problems with the script — specifically, the choice of villain for the next chapter in the Sony Pictures franchise. Asked for comment on the report, the studio confirmed that production had indeed halted for the holidays, but denied that there was anything endangering the project's production schedule. Now, it seems, the story has changed yet again.

According to a report on Deadline Hollywood, production continues to be stalled on "Spider-Man 4" due to a difference of opinion between director Sam Raimi and the studio over the film's script, and now the film could miss the mark for its intended May 5, 2011, release date.

This report has been partially confirmed to MTV News by an informed source close to the film who said a May 2011 premiere has now become uncertain, and significant work is still being done on the script.

While there's no official word on the project at this point and everything should still be considered rumor, there are a few other elements of the initial report that could merit attention from fans of the series.

According to Deadline Hollywood, one of the sticking points in script negotiations is Raimi's insistence that John Malkovich play the villain (rumored to be the Vulture), but Anne Hathaway's rumored involvement could no longer be an issue.

"Sony had been hot for her until bigwigs realized she'd cost too much and they probably don't need 'such a big star' for the pic," reports the site.

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