PREVIEW: 'The Authority' Heads Into Space With New Lineup And Creative Team!

The AuthorityWildstorm's superhero series "The Authority" has passed through several prominent writers' hands in the past, including Warren Ellis, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison, but the latest writing duo of Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman might be facing the greatest challenge of them all: taking "The Authority" home.

Bernardin spoke with MTV News about his upcoming run on "The Authority" with Freeman, revealing that the basic premise of the upcoming story arc focuses on the superhero team dealing with the fallout of the "World's End" storyline that involved the Authority's massive spaceship, The Carrier, crashing into the middle of London. Given that cataclysmic aftermath, there is literally nowhere left for the Authority to go but up.

Read on for an exclusive preview of "The Authority" #18 and more details about the creative team's plans for their run.

"We thought, at some point, somebody built The Carrier — somebody with an intelligence far greater than anyone on Earth, somebody with a far better handle on dimensional tech," Bernardin teased of his arc, which begins with Wednesday's issue #18. "It had been postulated that it was a merchant vessel of some kind — so what if the people who built The Carrier called it back home? What if they dialed up On-Star and had The Carrier returned to sender?"

With hours left to go before The Carrier is lifted back into space for its mysterious voyage home, the members of the Authority are forced to decide whether to take the trip or stay behind.

"If The Carrier is going to up and leave in a matter of hours to destinations unknown, who gets on and who doesn't," posited the writer. "Who's had enough of the crazy world they've been living in? Who thinks there's salvation at the end of that yellow brick road? Who's looking to escape? Who's looking for redemption? The interesting part for [Freeman and I] was figuring out who would stay and who would go."

Their decisions might surprise longtime fans of the series. Allies (and lovers) Apollo and the Midnighter, for example, are leaving the team to stay behind on Earth. Some traditional characters such as Jack Hawksmoor and Swift will be on board, as well as other WildStorm notables like Grifter, Deathblow and Christine Trelane.

"We wanted to put together this optimum team from the entire WildStorm Universe," said Bernardin. "We knew Jack would be on and Swift would be on. As much as Apollo and Midnighter have become the defining characters of 'The Authority,' it always felt to me like Jack was the heart of [the team]."

Ultimately, the success of "The Authority" won't be determined by the team's roster, but by the creative team dictating the comic book's course. If there's one element that Bernardin wants to instill in his run, it's a recaptured sense of pure fun.

"'The Authority' always had the potential and was very often realized as a good book, but I think people forgot that it can also be a fun book, and that's what I hope we're bringing to the book," he said. "There's going to be some angst, some homesickness, some growing pains, but at the end of the day, this is a book about supreme-powered beings beating up other supreme-powered beings. If that can't be fun, you're doing something wrong."

Click on the cover below to check out our exclusive preview of "The Authority" #18 by writers Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman and artist Al Barrionuevo. The issue goes on sale January 6.

The Authority

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