Comic Creators In 2010: Projects They're Looking Forward To & New Year's Resolutions [UPDATED]

Iron Man 2With 2010 only a few days old, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming year — and in many cases, a clean slate to begin tackling a new year's worth of projects, goals and various other plans.

That applies to the comic book industry as much as anywhere else, so I surveyed a wide range of creators in and around the comics scene to find out what has them most excited for 2010, and if they had any resolutions (comics-related or otherwise) for the coming year.

Their responses ranged from eager anticipation of buzz-friendly video games and movies to a distinct avoidance of anything with too much hype — so read on for the full breakdown of which projects and plans are foremost on creators' minds as we begin 2010.

MTV: Which comics, movies, games, music or any other types of projects arriving in 2010 are you looking forward to the most?

Aside from "Bioshock 2," I got nothing. I mean, there will be things coming up in 2010 that I'll enjoy (the horror gang over at Leisure are always good for a dozen or so enjoyable novels) but I find I'd rather let things like that come at me without the weight of expectation. I'd much rather be pleasantly surprised than bitterly disappointed.

- Keith Giffen ("Legion of Super-Heroes," "Doom Patrol," "Justice League International")

I'm definitely excited to get another dose of "Iron Man" this year, and though I've been disappointed in every horror remake of the last few years, I'm cautiously optimistic about the new "Nightmare on Elm Street." Hopefully, 2010 will be a better year for "nerd adaptation" films than 2009 was.

- Tim Seeley ("Hack/Slash," "G.I. Joe vs. Transformers," "Weapon X: First Class")

"Dexter" Season 5! Besides the books I myself am working on, this is the only piece of pop culture I'm thinking about.

- Scott Allie ("Solomon Kane," "Exurbia," "The Devil's Footprints")

Scott PilgrimI think the movie adaptation I'm looking forward to the most this year is "Scott Pilgrim." I love the comic, Edgar Wright can do no wrong in my eyes, and the casting seems dead-on. I think we're all in for a treat, one of those special once-in-a-decade conjunctions of immense talent that can only truly be f---ed up by twelve cubicles full of inept, vapid marketdroids. I am also (he said shamelessly) looking forward to the release of my new graphic novel "Goats: Showcase Showdown" (the third and probably maybe final book of the "Infinite Pendergast Cycle") this May-ish in much the same way lemmings crave death. I am going right off that cliff at a thousand miles an hour, doodling cyber-chickens all the way down with no regard for gravity at all.

- Jonathan Rosenberg ("Goats," "megaGAMERZ 3133T")

The final season of "Lost," "Caprica," "Iron Man 2," "Inception," Scott Turow's "Innocent," and "Crisis on Multiple Earths" Vol. 5.

- Marc Guggenheim ("Green Lantern" movie co-writer, "Flash," "Resurrection")

Looking forward to both Roman epic films about the lost 9th legion coming. Also, "Napoleon: Total War" if Creative Assembly don't totally disappoint me again hopefully as they did with "Empire: Total War."

- Ben Templesmith ("30 Days of Night," "Welcome to Hoxford," "Choker")

I am really looking forward to the new "Clash of the Titans" remake — it has the cast to be a really great movie, and it looks like they are doing it right. Comic book-wise, I am a huge fan of "The Mighty Skullboy Army," so I am hoping to see even more from Jacob Chabot in 2010. And musically, one can always dream that the Wu-Tang Clan gets the band back together in the new year to remind people what they are missing...

- Thomas Hall ("Robot 13")

Sin CityI have a baseball horror graphic novel coming out from Image Comics this spring titled "Sullivan's Sluggers" with art by James Stokoe. We've been working very hard on it this year and I know a lot of people are going to take notice. In terms of content this next year, I'm really looking forward to a new slew of fantasy movies. I'm looking forward to "Kick-Ass." I'm really interested about what next year is going to hold for comic books. In terms of what I hope for next year: I'd like to see Frank Miller put something new out that's something we haven't seen before so he could make a comeback. Right now, everyone is kicking him when he's down, but he's always had the potential to wow — that's still in him and never goes away. His solid body of comics work and history in comics are still there. I hope that he'll come back to comics this next year and impress all of us. I'd also like to see some more work from Geoff Darrow as well. A solid hardcover edition of "THB" from Paul Pope would also be wonderful.

- Mark Andrew Smith ("The Amazing Joy Buzzards," "New Brighton Archeological Society," "Sullivan's Sluggers")

Personally, I'm looking forwards to "Iron Man 2." I loved the first movie with a passion that dare not speak its name, and if this is even half as good, it's good enough for me. In television, I'm looking forwards to seeing how Matt Smith does as the Eleventh Doctor, and there's a whole box full of comics I'm looking forwards to getting hold of.

- Tony Lee ("Doctor Who," "From The Pages Of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula': 'Harker,'" "Outlaw: The Legend Of Robin Hood")

I'm looking forward to nothing, not even the stuff I'm doing. I've gotten so weary of advance hype and drum-beating that the more I hear about something coming, the less likely I am to see it. I didn't bother seeing some movies last year because after the trailers, promos, clips on talk shows and HBO First Looks, they would have seemed like reruns.

- Mark Evanier ("Kirby: King of Comics," "Sergio Aragonés Groo," "The Spirit")

RedOh, let’s see: "Iron Man 2," "The A-Team," "The Expendables," "Clash of the Titans," "Jonah Hex," "Toy Story 3," "Red" (of course), HBO’s "The Pacific," a new season of the "Sarah Silverman Program," a new Van Halen tour and possible album… lots of stuff.

- Cully Hamner ("Red," "Blue Beetle," "Green Lantern: Mosaic")

I'm looking forward to seeing how people respond to the upcoming year's worth of "Farscape" comics. We're really kicking into high gear for our second year, and Scapers will be blown away.

- Keith R.A. DeCandido ("Farscape" comics, "Star Trek," "Spider-Man" and licensed tie-in novels)

The conclusion to "Blackest Night." " BioShock 2" — finally. The returns of "Eastbound & Down" and "Breaking Bad."

- Bryan Q. Miller ("Batgirl" comics, "Smallville" television series)

The most relevant and obvious answers are Sega's "Aliens: Colonial Marines" first-person shooter, and the Robert Rodriguez-produced "Predators" movie. I'm psyched for the game, because I'll play anything where you ask me to rip off people's heads, but as for the movie... in all seriousness, cut it out. Or at least change it up, make it a spoof like "Shaun of the Dead." I'd say make it a buddy comedy but that's just dumb.

- Bernie Hou ("Alien Loves Predator," "If You See Something")

Movies: Iron Man 2, of course. And I can't wait for the March premiere of a short film called "Mister Green" — 'cause I directed it!

Music: Whatever Cake and Brave Combo might have going on.

Comics: The next "Dungeon" book from Trondheim and Sfar.

- Greg Pak ("World War Hulk," "Incredible Hulk," "X-Men: Phoenix")

Comic-wise, I think "Heroic Age" is going to usher in a Marvel Universe fans and myself have been dying to see. As for anything outside of comics, is there anything beyond Tim Burton’s "Alice In Wonderland" in Disney IMAX 3-D?! No! Nothing else! Everything will end there because it will be that mind-blowing!

- Jim McCann ("New Avengers: The Reunion," "What If? House of M," "X-Men: Blue Christmas")

MTV: Are you making any comics-related resolutions for 2010? What about resolutions outside the comics world?

Whew, I definitely need to get ahead on "Hack/Slash" scripts in 2010, so that'll be my resolution, comic-wise. And, I suppose it'd only be natural to resolve to get my lazy, desk-sitting ass to the gym more this year.

- Tim Seeley

I'm trying to read more. You get out of the habit when it's your job, and I think I'm missing a lot, and sort of losing touch with why people read this stuff in the first place.

- Scott Allie

None I plan on keeping. I should probably start acting my age. ... Nah. Where's the fun in that?

- Keith Giffen

I'm going to try to outline more. I want to resume piano lessons and read more.

- Marc Guggenheim

Robot 13Blacklist Studios is wrapping up the current "Robot 13" miniseries in January, so my resolution is to make our next book, "KING!" that much better. It's hard to continue to improve with each outing, but you never hit the target that you don't aim for. Outside of comics, I'd love to have time to read for pleasure rather than just research for the next writing project. And if that reading were to take place on a warm beach somewhere and was accompanied by a refreshing beverage, so much the better.

- Thomas Hall

I started to take action on my resolutions over a month ago. I've been going to the gym every day, eating perfectly, and taking care of my health. I lost 16 pounds in the last two months in part because I was married recently. I also knew that people were going to be lazy over the holidays, so I spent them working hard on comics and proposals while everyone was relaxing and getting fat from eggnog. I wanted to leap right out of the starting gate like a racehorse whose tail is on fire when the new year starts. This year, my goal is to work for DC and Marvel Comics, and to make a strong debut there. I plan to continue creator-owned work, and I will have a couple of monthly series ready to go for next year. 2010 will be the year that everything comes together perfectly for me.

- Mark Andrew Smith

I'm going to spend more time on novels in 2010. I started one, a novel adaptation of an old graphic novel script, "Dodge & Twist," at the start of December and now, at the end of the month I'm on 45k, and I'm remembering why I loved writing prose. So that'll be a big thing for me. In addition, I'm going to spend more time on creator-owned stuff in 2010 — and no, that's not a hint that I don't have paying work — it's just that 2009 was spent primarily on adaptations and licenses, and after a conversation with Andy Diggle in October about this same thing, I've realized I need more of my own stuff out there. I'm also going to try to work less and spend more time with the people I love, as I've had weeks where I've barely left the study...

- Tony Lee

I'm not going to take any hostages this year — but I make that resolution every year. In terms of comics, I'm going to look harder to find the books by writers who have a story to tell, rather than a movie to pitch, and by artists who want to tell that story, rather than make the pages look dazzling at arm's length. They're out there. They're just not always easy to find.

- Mark Evanier

Sure. I’d like to work smarter and more efficiently, rather than harder and more. I’ve improved in that respect for the last few years, but there’s always room for improvement. I, like everybody else would like to get and stay in better shape. And finally, I’d like to spend more and better time with my significant other. She’s the most patient person I’ve ever met.

- Cully Hamner

I'm resolving to have more of them published this year than last year. This will be a tall order, as I had 21 published in 2009, but I'm nothing if not a cockeyed optimist....

- Keith R.A. DeCandido

Welcome to HoxfordI'm vowing to complete no less than 4 original miniseries next year. Hopefully, three of them written by myself. 2010, I've resolved, will be the year I get my hands truly dirty in comics, not just on the creative end but all the other stuff about the actual printing/selling of them. That stuff actually counts — as I learned in a big way via two older projects, "Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse" and "Fell" especially. Outside the comic world, I resolved to just do more travel. I like it too much. Even outside of comic conventions/festivals that take me to some crazy places, I want to do a bit more. With luck, I'll be in Barrow, Alaska briefly next year, seeing the place a certain movie that helped kick start my life in comics. It'll be weird.

- Ben Templesmith

Giving more props to my artist, Lee Garbett, on a regular basis. Like I am right now. Stay classy, Lee! Outside of the comics world... trying to squeeze in more travel.

- Bryan Q. Miller

My resolutions for 2010 as regards to comic-making are mostly practical. I'm very much looking forward to building a nice-sized buffer for my webcomic. And I'm going to move my office up to the attic finally, where the line-of-sight to the street is better and I have access to the chain-fed turrets. In addition to my resolutions, I also have made a blood-oath to Yog-Sothoth to work on some new projects, maybe on something outside webcomics and stretch my creative muscles a bit.

- Jonathan Rosenberg

I resolve to make enough money with my Photoshop artwork to finally pay for a legitimate copy of Photoshop.

- Bernie Hou

I'm going to get a creator-owned project to the presses this year. And I'm going to try to answer reader questions at my "Pak Talks Comics" column a little more promptly. I'm [also] going to learn how to make tortilla soup. Why, you ask? Because it's delicious!

- Greg Pak

I resolve that the two major projects I am working on — "The Return Of The Dapper Men," an OGN with Janet Lee from Archaia, and a super-secret Marvel project — will contain the vast majority of my blood, sweat and tears. Outside of comics, I resolve to get more blood, sweat, and tears.

- Jim McCann

What are you looking forward to in 2010? Any resolutions you want to share? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!