Fan-Made War Machine Earns Nod From 'Iron Man 2' Director Jon Favreau

War MachineCosplay is not an uncommon act in the comic book community, though it's usually relegated to events such as Comic-Con International. But that's not stopping one fan from getting his "Iron Man" suit on early.

As posted on Jon Favreau's Twitter account, the "Iron Man 2" director has apparently discovered the creation of a fan-made War Machine costume, designed after the armor worn by Don Cheadle in the upcoming Marvel Studios film.

While the various technology-heavy weaponry featured on the costume isn't exactly operational — I sure hope it isn't, at least — the suit, designed by Anthony Le, is nonetheless an impressive feat.

Le lists a whole host of specs for the costume, including "repulsor gauntlets," laser-equipped "wrist rockets," an arch reactor that's "accurate" to the movie and a "Mini Gun simulated fire and drop lock system w/ laser." Like I said, I can only hope that these weapons aren't authentic for the sake of Splash Page readers everywhere.

Still, even if the fan-made War Machine suit is fully equipped with deadly guns, lasers and weapons aplenty, I'm not sure that we have too much to worry about. Based upon pictures of Le earning a smooch from a bartender, posing alongside a bystander and nursing a lonely Corona Extra, I think it's safe to say that this War Machine is a pretty friendly guy.

The jury is still out on the inventor of the wrist-mounted flamethrower, however.

War Machine - Iron Man 2

War Machine - Iron Man 2

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