From 'Sherlock Holmes' To 'Kick-Ass,' Mark Strong Discusses Potential Sequels

While many are praising actor Mark Strong's recent turn as the villainous Lord Blackwood in "Sherlock Holmes," comic book movie fans are looking forward to him in another role. Strong will play mobster Frank D'Amico in Matthew Vaughn's live-action film based on John Romita Jr. and Mark Millar's "Kick-Ass" comic book series.

MTV News caught up with Strong during the "Sherlock Holmes" junket in London, and made sure to pick his brain about his much-anticipated debut in "Kick-Ass" — and whether we'll see more of him and the "Kick-Ass" cast in sequels.

"The first eight [issues] are basically this movie and I'm sure it can go on and on if they want it to," Strong told MTV News of the likelihood that we'll see a "Kick-Ass" sequel.

Just last week, Millar announced that he already has a title for the comic book sequel to "Kick-Ass," which could provide a little more momentum for a potential follow-up on the big screen. Back in September, Millar even said the ending of "Kick-Ass" will tease a sequel.

And if the rave early reviews of the film are any indication, "Kick-Ass" could indeed kick some ass at the box office and earn a sequel.

"It's fantastic," said Strong of the film. "It's different and it's cool and it's dangerous and it's funny."

"Kick-Ass" hits theaters April 16, 2010.