David Tennant Says 'Doctor Who' Comics Are 'One Of The Things I'll Miss' After Season Finale

The "Doctor Who" television series kicks off its two-part finale this weekend with Friday's "The End of Time: Part One," and as "Who" fans are well aware, the next two episodes mark both the end of the current season and the conclusion of actor David Tennant's celebrated run as the time- and space-traveling adventurer known as The Doctor.

I've made no secret of my obsession with the long-running British science-fiction series, so when I had the chance to chat with Tennant about the series, the conversation covered a wide range of topics — including the state of "Doctor Who" comics. And just for kicks, I brought along a copy of "Doctor Who: The Forgotten," IDW Publishing's 2009 series by writer Tony Lee and artist Pia Guerra (with a great cover by Ben Templesmith).

"In Britain, we have 'Doctor Who Magazine' and we have 'Doctor Who Adventures,' which is for kids and [the magazine] is for a slightly older audience, and they both have comic strips," said Tennant. "One of the things I'm going to miss is being in a comic strip every week. It tickles a curious part of one's vanity, and I'll miss that."

"I discovered that in America you have a dedicated comic book series," he continued. "I had no idea! We don't hear about this back home!"

With current licensing deals restricting the distribution of "Doctor Who" comics like "The Forgotten" outside the U.S., Tennant remarked that this was the first he'd heard of some of the adventures involving his alter ego that appear on comic shops' shelves this side of the ocean.

"It's fantastic!" he said. "But it's an odd one — it has many tentacles, this show. Like I said, I'm on birthday cakes and childrens' pants and kites and chocolate bars, and to see yourself in a comic strip is quite odd. It's quite hard to relate it to yourself."

"[But] what a treat! I get to be an action figure!" he laughed. "It's bizarre!"

The "Doctor Who" season finale, "The End of Time," begins Friday, December 25 on BBC. More "Doctor Who" stories can be found in the pages of IDW Publishing's "Doctor Who" comics.

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