'Bone' Producer Describes Adaptation As A Cross Between 'Shrek' And 'Lord Of The Rings'

DESC"Sherlock Holmes" producer Dan Lin is currently hard at work on a very different but no less enigmatic film project — none other than the adaptation of cartoonist Jeff Smith's "Bone."

Details on the comic book film have been fairly scarce, though Smith has previously said that he's happy with the project's progress so far. But Lin, who is producing "Bone," had more detailed comments to offer when speaking with Collider about the film. Specifically, Lin said that he and the "Bone" crew are striving for a tone that mixes the best elements of "Shrek" and "Lord of the Rings" together.

"It really looks like a mix of Shrek as far as the three Bone characters and their comedy, their Looney Tunes of Marx Brothers comedy set in a Lord of the Rings world," said Lin. "I mean, the best way tonally again is Shrek meets Lord of the Rings. Very fantastical but between the Bone characters just a lot of comedy."

Lin revealed that Australian writer Justin Monjo is working on the film's screenplay, while Animalogic — the folks behind "Happy Feet" and Zack Snyder's upcoming "Guardians of Ga'Hoole" — is responsible for the animation and visual effects on "Bone." There's also hope that a director could be hired as soon as January.

"We've met with several directors and we hope to come to a director decision by January and Jeff Smith has been very intricately involved in the development process with us," said Lin. "I'm thinking in first quarter of next year you'll hear who's the director of Bone and that'll give you a sense of where we're going."

The producer said that "Bone" is aiming for a rating of either PG or PG-13, and that the current dilemma facing the production is exactly how much of Smith's original work should be adapted for the first film.

"If anything, right now we're discussing how many books should be in the first movie and if we do things right hopefully there'll be multiple movies to tell," said Lin. "But right now there's a discussion of do we use the first 3 books? Do we use the first 4 books of Bone? That's the discussion but the source material is all from Jeff's books."

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