'Green Lantern' Rumor: Will One Of These Actresses Play Carol Ferris?

Carol FerrisAnother day, another comic book movie rumor... but instead of yet another "Spider-Man 4" bite, this time around we have an unofficial report regarding "Green Lantern."

Citing anonymous sources connected to the project, Latino Review reports that casting for Carol Ferris (the love interest of Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan) is down to five potential actresses. The list of names covers a wide spectrum of age and on-screen experience, and includes Eva Green ("Casino Royale"), Keri Russell (who voiced the title character in the animated "Wonder Woman" movie), Diane Kruger ("Inglourious Basterds"), Blake Lively ("Gossip Girl") and Jennifer Garner ("Alektra").

"Per the script, Carol Ferris (27) is the daughter of aerospace mogul Carl Ferris," reports the site. "She works for her dad’s company FERRIS AIR, got an MBA, and has a lifetime crush on Hal Jordan."

It should be noted (again) that the list of potential actresses is entirely unofficial, and credits an anonymous "source" for the film. In fact, the involvement of the Carol Ferris character in the film remains unofficial at this point, too — as is the presence of any character outside of Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern fans will note that the choice of an actress to play Carol Ferris could have a long-reaching impact on the property, since the character's comics history eventually includes an encounter with a mysterious alien object of her own, the Star Sapphire, and her transformation into a nemesis of Green Lantern.

While it doesn't seem like a long leap in logic to assume Jordan's primary love interest in the comics will have a role in the film, little is known about the "Green Lantern" plot thus far. Of course, it's not like we haven't tried to get more info from Reynolds.

Previously, Reynolds discussed the Green Lantern costume and told MTV News that the plot of the film wouldn't be "a labored origin story." He also weighed in on fans' concerns about him pulling double duty on "Green Lantern" and the "Deadpool" movie.

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