EXCLUSIVE: 'Spider-Man 4' Studio Denies Rumor Of Unexpected Delay

Spider-Man"Spider-Man 4" has been the subject of a wide variety of rumors lately, with sites offering up a wide range of anonymously sourced reports regarding the film's cast and characters. The latest rumor to hit the 'Net arrived earlier this morning, with a report that the fourth "Spider-Man" film had been put on "indefinite hold."

Citing an anonymous source, IESB reported, "there are some major issues director Sam Raimi is dealing with that include an incomplete script. ... Raimi and the studio heads at Sony Pictures can't agree upon a villain for the film."

Not so, says the studio. Speaking to MTV News about the "Spider-Man 4" rumor, a spokesperson for Sony denied the report of an unexpected, indefinite hold on production.

In recent months, the rumor mill has been spinning faster than ever before around "Spider-Man 4." With Raimi promising that the villain would only be announced after the script was complete, impatience with the lack of official news from the much-anticipated project is likely to blame for many sites' willingness to throw rumors against the wall and see what sticks.

Further calling the IESB report into question, a source close to "Spider-Man 4" told MTV News that, while production is indeed on hiatus, it's a planned break for the holidays (as most studios take around this time of year), with production expected to resume early next year. The source told MTV News that work is still underway on the script, which is standard operating procedure for any film right up to the point when principal photography begins.

This comes as no surprise, given "Iron Man" actor Jeff Bridges' recent revelation that the 2008 blockbuster's script was actually being written as principal photography progressed. (And we all know how that turned out.)

Now if we could just get confirmation on that Hypno Hustler rumor...

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