Tobey Maguire Pleads The Fifth On 'Spider-Man 4' Vulture/Vulturess Rumors

Last week, one of the wild "Spider-Man 4" casting rumors flying around the 'Net had John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway playing the Vulture and "The Vulturess," respectively, in the web-slinger's next big-screen adventure. Sure, it seemed pretty ridiculous (not so much the Malkovich/Vulture part, but the idea of having a character named Felicia Hardy become "The Vulturess," as the site claimed), but we had to check in with "Spider-Man" franchise star Tobey Maguire to get some feedback on the rumor.

"In terms of 'Spidey 4,' I will plead the Fifth and not say anything," said Maguire when asked if there was any truth to the rumor. Pressed to address whether he's a fan of Malkovich and Hathaway, and whether he'd like to see either actor/actress in the film, Maguire dodged. "Who knows, who knows..." he smirked.