Latest 'Iron Man 2' Viral Marketing Message Hints At 'Secret Stark Confession'

Iron Man 2The viral marketing campaign for "Iron Man 2" continues to roll on, as the third and latest fictional newspaper clipping has appeared online.

The faux article — titled "Tony Starks' confession: 'I am Iron Man'" — debuted online at CHUD, but the story's content is practically unreadable due to the clipping being partially ripped in half. From what we're privy to, the article seems to provide some history on Stark Industries and the impact that Tony declaring himself as Iron Man has made upon the company.

More important than the article itself, however, is the continued tradition of a highlighted word — this time, "confession." When combined with the highlighted words in the first and second articles, we're left with the current phrase: "Secret Stark Confession."

The not-so-hidden message is nonetheless mysterious in its meaning. Are fans on the cusp of learning a secret truth about Tony Stark? Does the "secret confession" refer to an announcement that Tony will make in the "Iron Man" sequel, or perhaps just to his own unmasking at the end of the first film?

Another possibility, of course, is that these viral messages are leading towards the official reveal of the first "Iron Man 2" trailer, which some are expecting to premiere in front of next week's "Sherlock Holmes." Seeing as Robert Downey Jr. is the star of that film, perhaps the secret Stark confession is that Downey has two iconic roles to his name.

For now, we're left to speculate on the nature of these enigmatic messages, so keep it locked into Splash Page for the latest developments on the "Iron Man 2" viral marketing front.

Iron Man 2

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