New 'Kick-Ass' Poster Has First Look At Nicolas Cage As Big Daddy

Kick-Ass - Big DaddyIt's been a long two years for fans waiting for Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s hyper-violent "Kick-Ass" characters to come to life onscreen, but as the latest poster to hit the 'Net reveals, the film's costumed cast can finally be viewed in full.

Big Daddy is the latest to join a series of movie posters playing off the merits of conventional super powers. Beginning in November with a poster featuring Kick-Ass and the tagline "I can't fly. But I can kick your ass." and followed by another featuring The Red Mist ("I can't read your mind…"), the poster that debuted on UGO now puts the spotlight on Cage's character, proclaiming, "I can't turn invisible. But I can kick your ass."

The site also has an exclusive video clip featuring Cage and his movie daughter Chloe Moretz in their civilian duds, training for gunfire in an abandoned reservoir. It's a demented way for the fledgling vigilantes to spend daddy-daughter time on a weekend, but Cage's character eventually sees the benefit of rewarding his daughter for her bullet-proof vest perseverance. Those who have read the comic will likely notice Millar's familiar dialogue.

Big Daddy's vigilante visage differs tremendously from his geeky dad look. With armor that borrows heavily from its comic book design, meshed with a kind of "Dark Knight" deco, the costume has a colorful yet practical aesthetic in the real-world tradition of "Kick-Ass."

For fans, it may still seem like ages until "Kick-Ass" to arrive in theaters on April 16, but between the movie's costumes and clips, their patience seems to already be bearing comic book-faithful fruit.

Kick-Ass - Big Daddy

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