New 'Iron Man 2' Poster Featuring Mickey Rourke As Whiplash!

Iron Man 2War Machine has been the focus of much "Iron Man 2" discussion lately, but today's release of a new poster from the much-anticipated 2010 blockbuster serves as a reminder that ol' James "Rhodey" Rhodes isn't the only one getting his armor on next year.

The new "Iron Man 2" one-sheet poster, which debuted on, features Mickey Rourke as the tendril-wielding Whiplash, a Russian criminal named Ivan Vanko with a vendetta against Tony Stark.

The image certainly offers up the darkest look yet at Rourke's character, and we not only get a good look at his lethal whips and harness, but he's also presented against a background of newspaper clippings featuring Iron Man and his alter ego (as played by Robert Downey Jr.).

Previously, we received a new peek at Rourke's character hard at work on his armor and whips in a batch of new "Iron Man 2" photos released last week. Whiplash also featured prominently in a series of "Iron Man 2" set videos that popped up online in September.

The latest image could clear up earlier speculation about whether the harness-and-whips version of Whiplash is the extent of the character's costume, too. Back in August, an "Iron Man vs. Whiplash" comic book featured a new look for the villain, leading many to wonder whether that could be an advanced version of the Whiplash armor appearing in the film.

Subsequent images of a Whiplash toy in the "Iron Man 2" line seemed to infer that the original shot of Rourke in costume was indeed the one and only Whiplash we'll see in "Iron Man 2."

In the end, it looks like we'll still have to wait until May 2010 to be sure of which Whiplash is which — but you can keep it locked to Splash Page for all your "Iron Man 2" news as it develops.

Iron MAn 2 - Whiplash

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