'Paranormal Activity' Fans Find Answers In 'The Search For Katie' Digital Comic

Paranormal Activity: The Search For Katie[SPOILER ALERT] Of all the scares delivered throughout the course of Paramount's "Paranormal Activity," it's shocking and unresolved ending is what really haunted many viewers.

Now, with the release of "Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie," IDW is uniting the team of writer Scott Lobdell ("X-Men") and artist Mark Badger to provide viewers with some answers.

The story, available through iTunes for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, explores what happens after the film concludes and follows the mentioned, but never seen, demonologist Dr. Johann Averys on his search for the demon-plagued Katie.

"Paranormal Activity" arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray on Dec. 29 and given the film's multiple original endings, fans may be interested to discover which one inspired the events of "The Search for Katie" and if the story will shed new light on the original film.

This is IDW's first-ever digital exclusive, meaning unless it's brought to print, the comic shop crowd will have to turn to their smartphones to read the sequel. Of course, given that much of the film's success was bolstered by online fan support, IDW's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall doesn't think that will keep many would-be readers out of the loop.

“'Paranormal Activity' impressed me not only through the movie itself, but also the way its audience was built online,” said Ryall in an official press release, “So an online-only, and specifically iTunes-only, release of a new story in comic form seemed like a great way to extend the filmmakers’ efforts and world of the characters alike.”

Do you plan on checking out "The Search for Katie?" What questions would you like to see answered in the comic? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!