'Thor' Not The First Godly Team-Up For Natalie Portman And Kat Dennings

Just last week we broke the news that actress Kat Dennings will join Natalie Portman in Marvel's upcoming "Thor" movie, and while that was cool news on its own, we've been notified that this isn't the first team-up for the two in a mythological world. In fact, their first team-up with fantastic gods was more surreal than anything found in Asgard.

As ComicMix points out, Portman and Dennings previously appeared in Devendra Banhart's video for "Carmensita" — which is so wild a trip that it defies description. However, while Portman's role in the video is pretty obvious, Dennings makes her blue-skinned cameo around the 2:13 mark (as Kali the Destroyer). Check it out:

Now, let's see if "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh can top that, True Believers!