MTV's Live 'Avatar' Q&A With Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana And James Cameron Arrives Tomorrow!

In less than 24 hours from now, "Avatar" fans will have the opportunity to have their questions about the movie answered by the director, James Cameron, and two of its stars, Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana. The fun starts at 3pm EST/12pm PST tomorrow right here on and MTV Movies Blog. The session will last for 30 minutes, and you'll be able to send in your questions in real time, either directly through the website or through a portal on Facebook.

There's plenty more "Avatar" action coming from MTV as well, in advance of the highly anticipated 3-D blockbuster's December 18 release. The movie will be a featured component in the next episode of MTV's "Behind the Screen," which will air shortly before the theatrical release with a jam-packed collection of interviews, premiere coverage and exclusive clips. Speaking of clips, tomorrow's Q&A will also feature a brand-new clip for you to enjoy. Lots of "Avatar" mania is incoming starting tomorrow, so lock your browsers on if you want to keep up with the latest.