'Hancock 2' Stalled By Scheduling Issues, Says Director

DESCDirector Peter Berg is still hoping to fly alongside "Hancock 2," but that plane isn't ready for takeoff just yet.

During a visit to the set of Berg's currently filming "Battleship," Latino Review learned that the director's intentions to dive into a "Hancock" sequel have been stifled by a variety of factors, not the least of which are the busy schedules of himself, Will Smith and their collaborators.

"It's being written now and it's an issue of everybody involved in 'Hancock,'" Berg said of the movie's development. "There are so many cooks in that particular kitchen that it's so busy and Will [Smith] has kind of taken time off to be with his kids."

"There are so many people involved in that, from Will to his partner James Lassiter to Akiva [Goldsman] to Michael Mann, myself and to get us all in the same room just like this where we can all talk and then agree on anything, you've never met a group of people that have a harder time agreeing on anything," he continued. "It's like the Israeli peace process times a thousand how tough it is to resolve."

Towards the end of this past summer, it seemed that news on the "Hancock 2" front was coming in at a breakneck pace. Berg revealed plenty of plot teasers while confirming the return of Will Smith and Charlize Theron, though Jason Bateman's participation remains uncertain. Following that wave, however, word on "Hancock 2" quieted to less than a whisper — but that doesn't mean the movie isn't going to proceed.

"I think it'll happen," said Berg. "We just have to kind of get in the same room for some consistency,"

Still, the director has more to contend with than merely scheduling a meeting with his creative partners — he also has to straighten out his own upcoming film slate.

"'Lone Survivor' is what I want to do next," he said, suggesting that "Hancock 2" might be further down the line than some had hoped.

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